Thursday, May 13, 2010

All at once

Been some time eh? meh. deigh. I have almost been released of The University of The Arts. A long five years. Time time time. Well spent? Shore.

Really a lot has happened over the past year. I have many people to thank for awarding me many opportunities including the entire Uarts Crafts faculty. In the late Fall I was nominated for the Windgate Fellowship, which is a Grant amounting to 15,000 given to ten undergraduates in Crafts nationwide. I proposed to stay in Philadelphia instead of traveling to set up a small shop and obtain a space to stage events. This would not have just benefited me. It could of been an affordable place for many younger artists to get their names out there. Sadly I did not receive the fellowship, although I was highly considered by the jury and made it as a finalist. Congratulations to those who were chosen, I hope you don't blow it all on gold.

Mantile Dartium received Niche Magazine's student award in the wooden object category for "The Reference to the Subjectivity of a Genius" in the Winter. It was on display at the Philadelphia Convention Center and featured in their Spring edition.

Mandible went on hiatus.

Enridge and Whetham were born. Whetham is the only one that is almost dead enough to sell! haha.

Really got to see a lot of great work in my last year here, including: Justin Rubich's Eye Chart, (which is still up on Broad). Steve Streisguth has his first solo show coming up at Trick-go on Pine I believe on the 21st. Jason Lutz has put an event together also on the 21st at the Ukraine Society. I'm also planning on going to Judith Schaechter's opening at the Claire-Oliver on the 22nd.

So now, as I sit starring face to face with the largest pile of objects to be delicately transported to New York I wonder where I'll be when my lease ends in June. Scott Kip offered me a room in the warehouse where the Vox Populi gallery is located in the Fall of 2010. There I'll have a room, woodshop, incredible roof, family of bees and half a kitchen to become accustomed to. For the Summer.. I'm either thinking a biking or surfing marathon. So if anyone out there has a spare couch...

My Senior Thesis: "The Three Propellers(+)" 6ft X 4.5ft

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Marquetry done last spring

I pieced these pieces together. There are three in the set 3 3 3[2]^45.932
They are titled in order descending: "Sir," "Madame," and "Offspring." Each is 18"X24"

I've also been playing some music with Mr. Streisguth under the name "Elastic Cabinet."
Hopefully we'll be saturating your ear and mandible drums soon.

Nice to be wearing jackets again


Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Screeching violins are rampantly whaling around the air.

Here is a piece titled, "A reference to the subjectivity of a genius"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Superfluous Treble

Superfluous Treble.
Lets start with the end -- after all, "Doctor Faustroll was sixty-three years old when he was born in Circassia in 1898 (the 20th century was [-2] years old).

Remember folks, gyrating about that macro circle is only a magnification of the micro.